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Nepal has numerous of cultural practice that may appear unusual to person on Him/her first visit to the country. However to enjoy your stay on this remarkable of white Himalayan country with sparkling rivers, it is important to take into consideration to the different cultural and the traditional aspects of the country. Here is a list of things which may helpful to you.


The form of greeting in Nepal is [Namaste] and Sherpa Tibetan word [Tashi Delek] and is performed by joining the Palm Together.


Before entering Temple and Nepalese Home, remove your shoes.


Do not eat from others people plate and do not use to drink other people water bottle & glass. It is considered impure by Nepalese and also the Buddhist Religion too.


While traveling dress Appropriately Woman should especially avoid dressing in skimpy out of fits.


Take permission first before entering A Hindu Temple almost all of Hindu Temple does not allow for westerners to enter.


Public display of affection between Man and Woman are frowned upon. Do not do something that is totally alien to our Environment.


Be careful the leather articles prohibited to be taken inside the Hindu Temple precinct


Help for Develop a genuine interest to meet and to talk Nepalese people and respect their Local Tradition and Custom.


Take photographs only after the receiving permission for the object or person being photo Graphed.


Never touch anything with your feet especially Image and person. This is considered an offense among Nepalese peoples and Tibetan.


Be careful with matches or lighters around wooden forest or dry grass. The fire causes serious damage.


Do not Pick-up a porter or Guide on the street. They may not reliable.


The clients most travel always in a group during the Trip.


Do not walk alone on the trail, there may change the trail condition by natural disasters such as landslides or snowfall and crossing River Bridge or whichever routes there may not safety places.


Don't purchase Wildlife illegal Animal and plant products Areas. Please don't use short-cut Trails.


Walk on the left side Mani walls as you pass them this practice signifies that you respect the Buddhist Tradition.


Don't put dirty substances in to the local spring as it is believed it will Anger the water god Lu,


Ask permission to take photographs of people and if you do extensive photography it is polite to give a smile gift.


Always make a small contribution to any Temple and Monasteries that you visit. This is also A time honored indigenous Tradition.


Don't put dirty items and food in the scarps such as meat in the fires of Sherpa hearths as it is believed that offensive odorous from such pollution angers the local mountain gods,


Don't ask to Sherpa and Tibetan people to kill an animal for you simply that you may eat meat. This is forbidden in (Khumbi-La) both by villagers social rules and also by the Buddhist Religion,


Don't give things to begging children but do give as generously as possible if approached by A begging monk or nun as this is A time honored Religious Tradition,


The seat next to the fire hearth in A Traditional Sherpa Home is reserved for the main person of the family whether alive or dead. Thus it is not polite to site on it.


A Khata & (white scarp) is used to welcome bid farewell and to show gratitude it is Traditional to put the Khata around neck the men neck starting from the right Hand and woman from the left Hand,


Don't put Khata around the neck of A Lama as [Real incarnation Monk] simply offer to his Hand.


Don't leave anything but footprint and don't take anything but Photographs.


Don't forget to smile back wherever you visit in the Buddhist Monasteries and Hindu Temple, houses.


Try to Remember the Sherpa and Tibetan word for thank you, Tuche & Tuche-Tuche and Nepali word Dhanyabaad !!!


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