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General information for your trip


All your Equipments should be packed into the waterproof bags or plastic bags.


Check your gear works before setting out here all the gear fits etc.


Use this sheet as a Checklist for your Packing.


Do you have any special requirements such as medication food? If you have please speak to the leader before you set

out to purchase any Items.


Pack your bags in a logical sequence.


Leave your unnecessary equipments & Items in the hotel & in the Office stores. These include your valuable stuff such as your air tickets excess money etc.


Traveling with tourist buses, your bags on the roof, it gets robbed or worse.


Carry the minimum items that you need on your Trekking, Expeditions and Overland Tour.




Rucksack Packing, top pouch guidebooks maps snack food Nepal or Tibet phrase book.


Side pouches torch, waterproof Jacket, Umbrella, water bottle, etc.


Main compartment heavy items at the top and close to your back.


Torch carry enough spare batteries and spare bulb some candle works better for reading and writing etc.


Zips can be difficult to do up in the cold temperature with gloves on extend your zippers with a short length of thin cord.


A short cord on your pocketknife often prevents in case it is loss.


If you are prone to blisters medical adhesive tap used on the pressure areas as a preventative pad it works.


Trousers if a loss fitting and light material are best


Short if long & close to the knees is acceptable walking attire in the villages.


Sun glasses made of glass lenses are dangerous if you think you may be in a position to break them so plastic will be pose less risk to your eyes.


Walking sticks reduce the wear pressure on your knees in excess of 30%




The following tips are provided for your information only it is hoped that they contribute to you enjoying your traveling experience in the countryside.


Whiles on the trails, if a mule, yaks, train carrying the load past, you ensure you stand on the inside of the trails as you do not get pushed off the trail by mule & people carrying the load. Be responsible in the mountains. Be minimalist.


Giving for beggars on the trail does not help to anyone children.


Nepal have inherited a beautiful country let us help them to appreciate it. If you wish to show of your kindness, then direct it in the form of Education.


Deforestation is totally apparent in the food hill. Ensure your trekking does not add to this distraction. Your crew should cook on kerosene cookers.


While ordering food from your menu, try to agree with fellow trekkers on the same choice to reduce the fuel used for cooking.


Try to insist on only having a shower if it is provided through a solar heater.


Respect all religious sights and only enter if you are clear on the systems used by the occupant's i.e. removing your shoes showing curtsy and giving a donation etc.


Do not purchase any item of the religious & historical content in the mountains It is illegal.


The Buddhist Mani walls & shortens should be passed on the left or clockwise.


Take the time to look after the well being of your employee’s trip crews etc.


It is standard practice to tip approximately 10% of their paying to the trip.


If you have any inquiry Please Contact us