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He is the chief of the trek crews with good English speaking ability, He invariably comes from the Sherpa Ethnic group the local language sher means east Pa means People (sherpa).


Eastern People residing of eastern Nepal In the Mt Chomulungma Everest Valley the first Sherpa peoples are entry into Khumbu region Nepal from eastern Tibet.


The Original homeland in Salmongang Kham Region eastern Tibet first left the homeland in 15th century crossing via Nangpa La Pass or Khumbu La 5716 m between Ralung Ri 7012 m and Jobo Rimjang Kang Sirdar he is the most responsible person from the every point of View for the successful operation of the Trekking and Expeditions group it is his diversified jobs to Perform as a leader Guide Book keeper, manager, monitor, of the group.

Every evening he briefs the clients about the next day’s Programmers satisfies the queries from the client's Notes demands and feedback's and tries to correct and cater accordingly.


As he is very experienced and familiar with the area where the Trekking is in progress, he decides the most suitable lunch spot and Camping sites for the overnight night staying.


The Sherpa who also know the routes and trails of the Trek backed by workable English.


They take care of client's safety and comfort. They help mount and dismount tents and help Clients cross-Rivers, bridge, and steep places. The porters always remain under the supervision of these Sherpas.


He is the in-charge of the kitchen and an experienced and professional cook.


He is responsible from the Buying the provision for trek & expeditions for cooking the various dishes for the clients supported by two or three assistants depending upon of group Size.


The porters are the people for carrying the trekking goods and Equipment throughout the Trek.


They take Care of their foods and camping themselves. However their safety and all requirements are the CConcern of the guide.