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A Brief of Personal Academic Qualification & Experiences


Mr. Sonam Sherpa
Managing Director


Mr. Sherpa start working in tourism sector from 1994 till present being a well organizer Trekking, Expedition, Tour and white water rafting in Himalaya. Now he has started his own trekking agency since from 25 Aug / 2005 serving for clients from around the world who like to travel in the Himalaya Nepal, Tibet, India and Bhutan with long serving experiences in tourism business.


Mr. Sherpa has travelled most of the country in the world such as Germany, France, Sweden, Denmark, USA, Mexico and in South America Brazil. To meet the clients and friends who are visited in Nepal and in Tibet for Trekking and tours. Organized and lead by Himal Sonam Treks & Expedition Pvt. Ltd. His well trained person for tourism sector, travel business and continues looking forward to serve to clients in future he is fluent in English, Tibetan, Indian, Nepali can communicate in France and Germany.



Mrs. Chime Wangmo Sherpa


Mrs Chime Wangmo Sherpa is a great teacher in English and Tibetan. She starts working in travel tourism business since the company was established in Aug 25 / 2005. Completed her B. A. English Honors and Tibetan from Darjeeling Government College, North India.


She has been travelled in Bangkok Thailand. She has vast experienced of teaching Tibetan to foreign students from U S A. Germany, France and Denmark who were students in Manjushree Tibetan Culture Centre in Darjeeling, India. She is excellent translator from Tibetan - English-Tibetan. She has worked in Human Right Watch Association at Tibetan Refugee Reception Centre in Kathmandu. At present she is holding a post of manager in our company since 2005 and also holding a post of secretary in Mustang Education Project Nepal since 2005. She is fluent in English, Tibetan and Nepali.